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Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by Mustang Connection.

My name is Rich and I enjoy sharing the past , present and the future of the Ford Mustang. At Mustang Connection you will find video coverage of all things Mustang ( some other stuff too). The 50 year and counting history of the Mustang provides plenty of content centered around restoration projects, car shows, auctions, barn finds, owner interviews, feature and show cars and everything in between. I hope you enjoy this website and would honor us by sharing and spreading the word about Mustang Connection!

T-shirt Giveaway Thank you! 1969 Mustang GT Update Mustang Connection

Views: 1,876 | Likes: 56 | Comments: 77


Desert Find, Barn Find Mustangs Mustang Connection

Views: 1,655 | Likes: 54 | Comments: 73


1969 Mustang Restoration Part 7 Progress Update Mustang Connection

Views: 1,277 | Likes: 64 | Comments: 47


Chrome Rust Removal & Polish- Coke vs. Turtle Wax Mustang Connection

Views: 1,588 | Likes: 56 | Comments: 50


1969 Mustang Restoration Part 6 Powder Coating some key parts

Views: 975 | Likes: 42 | Comments: 47